Early-Bird Offer

1-2 October 2022 Online Introductory Workshop

£180.00 £140.00

Learn more about embodied self awareness in a relaxed and friendly workshop.

  • The importance of kindness and acceptance
  • The power of self touch – being both the receiver and giver
  • Balancing our nervous system and finding peace, rest and developing resilience
  • Transform from the person you think you are to who you truly are
  • Develop emotional intimacy with self and others for better relationships
  • Understand the importance of safety and boundaries

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Weekend online workshop introducing the principles of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement. No prior experience necessary.

There will be experiential exercises to learn more about Rosen Method’s approach to the body mind, self touch, sharing, discussions and questions.

Participants will learn about muscle tension, restricted breath and the impact on our inner life both physically and emotionally.

Participants will also be able to join a Rosen Method Movement Class during the introduction.

Hours: 9.30-12.30pm then from 2.30-4.30pm Saturday and Sunday 

Price: £120 Early-Bird Price

Full price: £180