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April 10-12th 2024 : Living Anatomy 3 Course at Pax Lodge, Belsize Park in North London


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3 Day Living Anatomy Workshop

Understanding the function of our musculature in terms of our emotional range and responsiveness.

Marion Rosen understood the body well both through her knowledge as a physiotherapist, as a sportswoman and dancer, and as the founder of Rosen Method Bodywork.

This short course focuses on the anatomical function of the body as it relates to different emotional states and physical holding patterns in the body, caused by stress or in the service of self expression.

We will be taking a deep dive into the anatomy and movement of our experience.
Over these 3 days together we will explore the way our bones, joints and muscles create posture and movement.

We will refine our touch skills that help us confidently identify the different parts of the body.

We will grow our confidence in understanding the connections within and between different areas of the body.

We will be working in pairs and as a group to find our own body map for our bones, joints and muscles, working experientially and with led movement classes.

When we look closely at the living anatomy of who we are, the aliveness in the shape that we adopt and how we move through life, we can let go of habitual patterns and open into the fullness and mystery of life.

Early booking advised.

Early Bird £375 until January 10th, thereafter £425.

Limited Spaces.

If you would like to stay at Pax Lodge in Belsize Park, North London where the course is being held, please contact Pax Lodge directly and tell them you will be attending a course in Rosen Method. They will allocate accommodation. However as this is a busy period we strongly recommend you book your accommodation asap. Pax Lodge have a generous cancellation policy and it is in our opinion wisest to book sooner rather than later as they are usually completely full.