6-7th July 2019 Bristol Weekend Workshop

6-7th July Bristol 2019 Workshop

During this weekend, we will have demonstrations, practice in pairs, share, have time for questions and explore some of the core principles of Rosen Method. Individual Rosen sessions offer the chance to receive the work but during the weekend you will also learn how attuned touch and words work by trying it out for yourself. This can be deeply healing and relaxing. We all have an innate capacity to use touch for health, and in this workshop, you will find out how Rosen bodywork and touch works for both the giver and the receiver by balancing the nervous system which regulates our response to stress.

This workshop will introduce:
•  The effect of conscious touch that is respectful and undemanding
•  How to ‘speak’ to our bodies
•  The connection between relaxation and the natural breath
•  How emotions may manifest in the body
•  Authentic self expression

This workshop is suitable for people who are interested in de-stressing for themselves, as well as for people who work with others therapeutically or who are considering training in Rosen Method.



Limited places. Booking/Payment directly to Debbie Fildew.

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This workshop will explore how the emotions, memories and experiences of our lives can be seen and felt in our bodies.

By contacting muscle tension and observing the breath we can become aware of how we have learnt to hold ourselves in a certain way in response to stress and trauma and how it has impacted our potential, our expression and our capacity to live a full and satisfying life.

The gentle touch, sensitive words and supportive presence of Rosen Method helps us let go of limiting holding patterns and as we relax we reconnect with our natural vitality and ease.

This course is for people who would like to connect with themselves at a deeper level, become clearer about what they want or don’t want in their lives and for those who would like to rediscover their creativity and joy of life.

It is also suitable for health professionals wanting to explore a natural way to support clients let go of unconscious habits that limit their physical and emotional well-being.

This experiential weekend will include demonstrations, practice in pairs, sharing and time for questions.

It will introduce:

How to connect and listen to our inner voice

Increasing capacity to stay with ourselves without judgement

Feeling our response to kindness

Experiencing ourselves in relationship with another

Exploring how touch and words that are respectful and undemanding and presence that is supportive and safe, can impact body/mind awareness and stimulate the growth of new nerve pathways thereby re-wiring old habitual responses to life.

Date:      6th/7th July 2019

Venue:   Yanley Court Complementary Therapy Centre, Long Ashton Business Park, Yanley lane,      Bristol BS41 9LB

Fee:       £160 payable in advance (£140 Early-Bird Discount valid until 31 May 2019)

Booking: To book please contact Debbie Fildew directly either by email or by phone.

Email:    dfildew@btinternet.com

Telephone:  07803 085256