Early-Bird Offer

Continuing Education ‘The Emotions – Part 2’ 5-6-7 November 2021

£180.00 £140.00

The workshop will enable participants to enquire deeper into the world of the emotions, to create more awareness and confidence around working with the emotions.

Recognising patterns of emotional stuckness, understanding emotional triggers can be helpful both in our relationship to ourselves as well as our work with clients or other important relationships in life.

The workshop participation number is deliberately kept small, to create a sense of safety and containment.

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Pre-requirement is to have participated in ‘The Emotions Part 1’ as the content builds on previous workshop content.

Participants to ‘The Emotions – Part 1’ needs to have completed at least one introductory workshop or intensive in Rosen Method, so that you are familiar and comfortable with this kind of gentle processing that Rosen Method offers.

In this workshop we will look at emotional stuckness in particular, and how we deal with emotional triggers. We also try and understand how our emotions are useful to us, and how we can become into relationship with them rather than deny them or act them out.

There will also be Rosen Movement sections during the workshop.

Hours; Friday 5th November 3-8pm, Saturday 4-8pm, Sunday 4-8pm daily with optional follow up session on November 14th 4-5pm.

Price early-bird £140/£180.