Early-Bird Offer

Introductory Rosen Method Bodywork Workshop, London, 25-26th April 2020

£180.00 £160.00

The weekend is experiential, looking at how we create muscle tension and unknowingly restrict the natural breath. We will be noticing how this affects the way we feel, how this impacts our potential, our expression and our capacity to live a fulfilled life.

Rosen Method is a somatic approach to well-being using sensitive touch and words to help people become aware of what they are holding physically and emotionally in their bodies.

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Introductory workshop in West London

Unconscious tensions created over time can become stuck and may be reflected in our bodies.

Rosen Method’s unique form of sensitive touch and verbal communication allows awareness of existing physical and emotional holding in the body.

Explore the mind body relationship and experience the power of connecting to self and others.

Hours: 10.30- 5pm

Cost: £160 Early-bird price if paid in full two months before the workshop, there after £180.

Suitable for beginners, as well as health professionals wishing to expand their knowledge of the body-mind through touch.

Limited number of places. Application process.