Lake District Residential Intensive, 21-28 June 2019


The bodywork intensive will introduce participants to the, at times, unspeakable power of touch. Learn how gentleness can impact your body, your emotions and your life & relationships.

Beautiful residential setting with full board and share of twin room in the Lake District.

Limited spaces. Application process to join the workshop.

Arrival at your leisure from 3pm Friday 21 June, end time lunchtime on Friday 28th June.

Price: 950/Early-bird price if paid two months in advance

£990 Full price


Places Available



Early-Bird discount is valid till 20 April (midnight) 2019

Learn about Embodied Self Awareness

This residential workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring the way emotions and memories show up in the body, and the impact that has on our health and well-being.

During this week, we will have demonstrations, practice in pairs, share, have time for questions and explore some of the core principles of Rosen Method. Individual Rosen sessions offer the chance to receive the work but during the week you will also learn how attuned touch and words work by trying it out for yourself. This can be deeply healing and relaxing. We all have an innate capacity to use touch for health, and in this workshop, you will find out how Rosen bodywork and touch works for both the giver and the receiver by balancing the nervous system which regulates our response to stress.

This workshop will introduce:
•  The effect of conscious touch that is respectful and undemanding
•  How to ‘speak’ to our bodies
•  The connection between relaxation and the natural breath
•  Verbal touch
•  How emotions may manifest in the body
•  The impact of kindness

Residential workshop for  individuals interested in their own self-development and/or healing processes by working with the body through touch.

Intensives offer experiential learning, and participants are encouraged to develop skills in present-moment listening, touch/sensing, and emotional/feeling awareness related to the body-mind.

Price includes a share of a twin room and vegetarian food. Limited number of special diets catered for.

Intensives are also building blocks in Rosen Method professional training.