ONLINE Continuing Education ‘The Emotions’ 19-20-21 March 2021


The workshop will explore some aspects of these topics:

  • Emotions as self expression
  • Emotions as carriers of value and meaning
  • Difficult and Happy Emotions
  • Emotions and Language
  • Emotions and Healing



Places Available



This workshop will look at our Emotional Body through a Rosen Method Bodywork lens.

Prerequisite for attending workshop: Introductory Workshop or Intensive

During the workshop we will explore a number of emotions experientially, getting more familiar with each emotion’s nature, flavour and purpose.

There will different exercises in pairs or threes, discussions, sharing, and exploring our fascinating physical-emotional-spiritual connection both to ourselves and others, as well as to the world we inhabit. 

Limited spaces.

12-2pm and 4-7pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price £125