ONLINE Continuing Education ‘The Emotions – Part 1’ 28-29-30th May and 5th June


The workshop will explore some aspects of these topics:

  • Emotions as self expression
  • Emotions as carriers of value and meaning
  • Difficult and Happy Emotions
  • Emotions and Language
  • Emotions and Healing



Places Available



This workshop will look at our Emotional Body through a Rosen Method Bodywork lens.

This workshop is an introduction to the world of the Emotions and its relevance to Rosen Method Bodywork. We will explore emotion (energy in motion) as an important route of information and self-expression, and how we relate emotionally to ourselves and interact with others. We will call on emotion as a pathway to deepening self-awareness, healing, and well-being.

Prerequisite for attending workshop: Introductory Workshop or Intensive

There will different exercises in pairs or threes, discussions, sharing, self-touch and exploring our fascinating physical-emotional-spiritual connection both to ourselves and others, as well as to the world we inhabit. 

Limited spaces.

4-8pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday 28-29-30th May plus optional follow up session Sunday 5th June 4-5.30pm.

Price £140