ONLINE Rosen Movement Class with Theresa Garcia


Theresa Garcia, Senior Rosen Method Movement Training Teacher, United States 

Come and move with us, with gentleness and presence. Open up to your natural movements, build awareness of inner feeling states and enjoy the experience of what a Rosen Method Movement Class work-in may do to help soften barriers to living and natural expression.

Marion Rosen, the founder of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement first created Rosen Movement as a response to her clients asked her what they could do to keep fit and healthy. It is a practice on opening up one’s body mind to experience the joy of moving without effort, as well as helping to lubricate all the joints in the body and opening up for the breath and more aliveness.

You can now book the last two classes in May – 16th, 23rd.

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Join the UK Rosen School and Theresa Garcia, Senior Training Teacher in Rosen Movement in Movement Classes on 28th March, April 11th,  and May 2nd, 16th, 23rd.

Each class will be for 90 min and have a movement class, and some sharing or anatomy teaching.

Please wear comfortable clothing, have a yoga mat nearby and a blanket.

For enquiries about the class please email

Cost: £15 per class. At check out please select the number of classes you are paying for.