Rosen Method Bodywork Continuing Education – Residential week at Nab Cottage, Lake District 13-20th June 2021


Residential workshop for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns and Practitioners in the midst of the Lake District, an area of outstanding beauty.

Topic for the Week: The Unfolding Stages of a Rosen Method Bodywork Session

We are excited to announce our forthcoming residential continuing education week taught by Mary Kay Wright, Senior Rosen Method Teacher and Teachers from the UK School.

We will look at each section of a Rosen Method Bodywork session in close detail, both by practice and theory, assisting the participants to deepen their understanding, knowledge and practical hands-on work with clients. 

‘The Stages of Unfolding’

There are different components to the Rosen Method Bodywork experience, both for the practitioner and the client.  We will be discussing all stages and levels of a session, including:

  • how safe contact is made and sustained;
  • how to engage verbally and discern through focused listening when clues and indications emerge that can be explored for content, understanding, and deepening;
  • how to observe what is happening in the client’s process as muscles respond to Rosen touch and begin to ease;
  • how does the practitioner skilfully track an opening that may follow changes in the movement of the breath;
  • how to provide a steady container for the session as memories, thoughts, images, feelings, pain, or emotions rise closer to the client’s awareness;
  • how to take in what a client is sharing and then respond through your understanding;
  • how to facilitate the client’s capacity to allow challenging material or experiences to move through, to feel and re-experience his or her own truth;
  • how to maintain presence throughout the session, which helps the client trust what is happening;
  • how to support the client’s process without intervening to soothe, assuage, comfort, fix, or diminish what is happening but to convey (often silently) a sense of trusting the client’s capacity to handle the experience;
  • how to articulate the essence or core of what has been revealed or felt;
  • how to bring closure to a session so it does not interrupt the internal intimacy a client may be experiencing within.

The workshop will include group supervisions, partner work, and teaching demonstrations as well as discussion about the flow of Rosen Method Bodywork sessions.  The intention is to support greater levels of subtle capacity, skill, and understanding about the work you are doing, to become more conscious of the many nuances involved in Rosen Method while working with the past and current life experiences of your clients.

Places Available



Residential workshop for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns and Practitioners in the midst of the Lake District, an area of outstanding beauty.

Topic for the Week: The Unfolding Stages of a Rosen Method Bodywork Session

Teacher: Mary Kay Wright by Video Conferencing 

We will align to any current Covid-19 regulations present at the time of the workshop.

Accommodation in single rooms, full board.   

The group will exchange sessions, share, demonstrate sessions and supervise each other, and have plenty of time to enjoy the nature and local walks right on the door step.

There will be one day off during the week for hiking, swimming or relaxation or visiting one of the nearby towns or villages.

Nab Cottage dates from 1556 and many original features remain. There is a dog and a cat on the premises, please be aware of this if you suffer from animal allergies.

Nab Cottage is on the A591 between Ambleside and Grasmere villages halfway along Rydal Lake. Postcode is LA229SD. There is plenty of parking available at the venue.
Nab Cottage is under 2 hours by taxi from Manchester, Liverpool,
Leeds/Bradford, Blackpool and Newcastle airports. They can arrange taxi
collections. There are also direct train connections from all these airports
to Windermere, the local station. See  or for times.

It you are travelling to Nab Cottage by train it can be much cheaper to
book a split fare (London/MCR – Windermere or London/Oxenholme –
Oxenholme-Windermere. From Windermere it is 6km to Nab Cottage and a direct bus journey. It is also possible to take a bus from the airports to Ambleside, 3km from Nab
Cottage. See for details.

Arrival: Arrival from 3pm onwards. Tea/cake will be available. Time to
explore and enjoy the venue and its surroundings, until supper at 7pm.
We will meet as a group at 8.15-9pm in the workshop room on Friday
night. Please let us know in advance if you will be arriving late.

Leisure time:

There is lake access just across the main road and areas where you can swim in the lake. There is a Canadian canoe for up to 3 people that can be used and many short walks also starts from the cottage.  Nab Cottage also have a hot tub.

The public bus, number 555 runs every hour to Ambleside or Grasmere and will stop at Nab – and from Easter to October there is another service, number 599, which runs every 20 minutes.

Limited numbers.

Price £995. Please contact us if you wish to pay in instalments.