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Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive 6-12 February 2021, London

£710.00 £660.00

This intensive will introduce:
•  The effect of conscious touch that is respectful and undemanding
•  How to ‘speak’ to our bodies
•  The connection between relaxation and the natural breath
•  Verbal touch
•  How emotions may manifest in the body
•  The impact of kindness

The intensive is experiential; working in pairs, sharing, demonstrations, questions, touch exercises, small groups, etc.

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Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive – London

Non-conscious tensions created over time can become ‘stuck’ and may be reflected in our bodies in the way we clench our jaw, hunch our shoulders or simply can’t relax. 

Rosen Method’s unique form of sensitive touch and verbal communication allows awareness of existing physical and emotional holding in the body. Explore the mind body relationship and emotional holding in the body.

Hours from 9:30 – 4:30 pm. Tuesday is a day off.

Non-residential. Open to participants interested in learning about the body-mind for personal development. Also for students interested in pursuing Rosen Method Bodywork professional training.

Class includes demonstrations, bodywork exchanges, small groups, questions, and touch exercises.

Limited number of participants. Application process necessary.

Early-bird discount available for bookings paid in full two months in advance of the intensive, to be paid no later than 5th December 2020 midnight.

Early-bird/Full price