Rosen Method Introductory Workshop, Leeds, 9-10th May 2020



Transformation through Embodied Self Awareness

Rosen Method Bodywork promotes physical and emotional well-being by bringing a person’s felt awareness to protective muscle tension that has helped him or her cope with life’s challenges. Protective patterns of muscle tension and restricted breathing create unconscious barriers against living fully because they cause fatigue and pain, and limit a person’s access to positive states of self-assertion, pleasure, joy and deep connection to others.

The workshop is practical with hands-on experience, exchanging sessions with other students, demos, questions, sharing. Suitable for beginners from all walks of life interested in personal development. Can also be the entry point to professional training in Rosen Method.

The workshop may also interest health professionals wishing to add to their existing practices/knowledge by means of continuing education.

Some individual sessions are available/bookable prior to the workshop on Friday afternoon. Please enquire with Louise for availability.

To register/enquiries: Contact Event Organizer Louise Richardson 


Tel: 07515 899 291

Early-bird price/Full Price: £125/£150

Early-bird offer available until 9th March, thereafter full price applies.

Hours: Saturday 11-5pm and Sunday 10.30 – 4.30pm

Limited spaces. Application process necessary.