Rosen Method Movement Intensive, October 2021, Online Course


Rosen Movements can touch and move you very deeply, as
deep muscle groups are reached in a gentle way – they bring
you in touch with your true feelings. In the intensive we will
discover our bodies in a new way, opening ourselves for deep
self-awareness and new possibilities to use our movement
potential in our lives.

Learn about ease in the body through Rosen Movements:
• The simplicity of the movements (no need to think, just let
the inspiration of the moment guide you and follow the
rhythm of the music)
• The absence of strain, effort and competition (one can move
in a relaxed way and feel at ease)
• The fun and joy in connection with the music and the group

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Marion Rosen designed a method for keeping the body fit and healthy through gentle movements. Rosen Method Movement is a practise of moving consciously in such a way that physical barriers are contacted, allowing for release and access to deeper sense of self by lengthening of muscles. In Rosen Method Movement, ‘healing’ manifests itself as a reclaiming of movements. The body begins to move again as a whole with the freedom of early childhood. Places long frozen and unconscious are released. These stuck places are experienced as moving merely because they are no longer held.  Participants often experience new patterns of movement and alignment in their bodies and awareness of what free natural breath can be like.

Intensive led by Karen Vinding, Senior Movement Training Teacher 

Format: Zoom Online Course. 

Dates: Introductory Meeting Thursday 30th September 2021 7pm – 1 hour

Friday October 1st, 2nd and 3rd &  Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th October 2021

Hours; 10-12 noon and 2-4pm

Price: £450

Limited number of participants. No prior experience necessary. Application process required.

Course payments non-refundable and non-transferable.