2-3rd March 2019 Sheffield Introductory Workshop in Rosen Method


2-3rd March 2019 Weekend Workshop – Sheffield

This two-day workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring the way emotions and memories show up in the body, and the impact that has on our health, on how we feel, or how we don’t feel. It is for people who want to let go of what drains them, and find out what makes them happy and more open and alive. It is for people who have reached a ‘stuck’ place in their lives, and want a fresh approach for inner connection and renewal, or for people with issues around touch.

  • Learn about interpersonal neurobiology and how touch can help to co-regulate our nervous system for improved physical and emotional well-being.
  • Increase our capacity to stay in their Embodied Self Awareness (feelings, sensations, emotion) without judgmental thoughts.
  • Explore how touch, presence and words can impact our body/mind and stimulate the growth of new neurons/pathways (literally re-wiring old habitual responses to life)

Date: Saturday 2nd and 3rd March 2019


Fee: £160 payable in advance

Booking:  To book please get in touch with Jane Spilsbury directly either by email or by phone.

Email: jane.spilsbury@gmail.com


Telephone:  07946 446506

Limited places. Booking/Payment directly to Jane Spilsbury.



Open your mind. Nurture your body. Awaken your heart.

Unconscious tensions created over time can become ‘stuck’ and may be reflected in our bodies in the way we clench our jaw, hunch our shoulders or simply can’t relax.

Rosen Method’s unique form of sensitive touch and verbal communication allows awareness of existing physical and emotional holding in the body.

Explore the mind body relationship and experience the power of connection for whole person well being.

Weekend suitable for beginners.