Sunday 12th June 2022 Living Anatomy Workshop – ‘Reaching out Muscles’


A part of our series of living anatomy workshops exploring our felt sense of who we are.

Short workshop including anatomy and emotional exploration of the ‘reaching out muscles’.

Rosen Method Bodywork Teacher and Senior Physiotherapist Louisa Turner will take the group through some experiential exercises related to this important part of the body.

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A short workshop exploring the ‘reaching out’ muscles. These muscles, situated between the shoulder blades, allow us to hug, push away and love. As part of our deeper heart complex we will look at the living anatomy of how these muscles dance us in and out of connection, with ourselves, others and life.

Open to students of Rosen Method, or individuals interested in the mind-body connection learning more about anatomy and the connection to feelings and emotions, to the core of who we are as human beings.


4-6pm Small Size Class, via Zoom 

Teacher: Louisa Turner