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Why Rosen Method Bodywork?

Because this is a way or working with the mind in body, and body as mind, developed by Marion Rosen, who was internationally recognised
as a pioneer in the somatic field. Rosen Method seeks
to liberate our capacity to
experience more of ourselves - to move more
easily, to breathe more easily - to express our
creativity, pain, joy and
love more openly. Essentially - to be
more fully alive.

Who is Rosen for?

This method is for people interested in experiencing more of who they are and who they can be.Over time, in response to external
pressures, we often make
adjustments to "fit in", or to
survive. We continually reshape and adapt
ouselves around
circumstances, situations,
our environment - often layering over our "original" or "authentic" self in
order to get by or
withstand the pressures
of everyday life. This
serves us very well in many ways. We can cut off from
painful or difficult feelings
or memories as a way of coping. However, a side
effect of this can be that we
lose touch with the parts of ourselves that are most precious. We become
estranged from ourselves.

Physical tension in the body, sometimes characterised as unexplained pain, can arise as a result of stress. In some ways, it can be said
that it gives us a feeling of protection or or a way of
unconsciously protecting
ourselves from painful feelings or situations that seem overwhelming at the
time. Rosen Method is for
when we are at a point in our lives, when it is safe
to let go of some of our unconscious physical
tensions and constricting
habits or patterns. Muscle tension also serves to
contain our emotional life -
holding in, holding down and holding back.

What is Rosen Method Bodywork?

It is a way of using touch and heart-felt connection for health, well being, self knowledge, personal creativity, clarity and peace.

Tension masks the truth of who we are - even from ourselves. It builds up over time in response to stress and difficult situations.

Although tension can be useful in that it enables us to survive crises, and
literally hold ourselves together, it can become habitual and self-defeating. Unexplained aches, pains and tiredness can be the body's attempt to manage underlying emotional dilemmas.

Rosen Method is for when we are at a place in our lives when it is safe to feel all of our feelings, held back, in or down, by muscle
tension. Through gentle touch and connection, we can soften and open to
our inner potential. When a person feels safe, accepted and welcome, a letting
go can happen - and then a letting in. Letting go of what we don't need anymore,
and then letting in what we do. When we are fully relaxed, there is evidence to show that our natural self "healing" mechanisms, operate on many more levels. The immune
system is strengthened and our breathing patterns operate more efficiently -
this affects our blood flow, the healthy functioning of
our organs, our posture
and how we hold ourselves physically. We have
more energy rather than less, greater mobility and less unexplained aches and

From this place of trust, it is possible to experience where mind, body and spirit meet.

To attend one of our workshops to introduce yourself to

Rosen contact us via our contact

or call 0207 060 0683.



Marion Rosen, (1914-2012). Somatics Pioneer and Founder of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement - an Internationally recognised method of working with the body-mind for health and well-being in the body.


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14-16 March 2014 Residential Introductory Workshop at Hawkwood College

For booking/information/payments please contact Hawkwood College directly.



1-8 June 2014 Residential Bodywork Intensive  Earth Spirit Retreat Centre, Glastonbury


Bodywork Intensive 6-12 October, London

Introductory Workshop, 29-30 November, London






'This work is about transformation - from the person we think we are to the person we really are. In the end, we can't be anyone else'      Marion Rosen


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