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October Intensive – We are now taking bookings for our intensive on 24-30 October. For those of you that would like more information please contact us at info@rosenmethod.co.uk or click here to book.

Mary Kay Wright, M.A – Mary Kay Wright trained in Marion Rosen’s first class starting in 1979 and has been a Senior Rosen Method bodywork teacher for 26 years.
She is one of the founder members and has been director of teaching of the Russian Rosen Method school since 1989.
Mary Kay teaches internationally and has co-taught advanced training workshops with Alan Fogel, focusing on the use of words in Rosen Method.
She produced The Marion Rosen Film Project from 2005-2012. Mary Kay works as a financial planner   and private wealth manager in Walnut Creek, CA.

Anatomy and Physiology E-course – Those studying for a certificate or a diploma in anatomy and physiology (for revision or just for fun) can sign up here.For more information please get in touch with us at info@rosenmethod.co.uk