Latest News…

October Intensive – We are now taking bookings for our intensive on 24-30 October. For those of you that would like more information please contact us at info@rosenmethod.co.uk or click here to book.

We are eagerly awaiting Madeleine Bolander’s translation into English of her book ‘All of you – Body, Head, Feeling’. The book was written initially for Madeleine’s clients, as a kind of explanation of what Rosen Method was all about. Madeleine writes  that ‘All of you – Body, Head, Feeling tries to understand how the different parts work together so that we can manage the challenges we meet in life’.




Anatomy and Physiology E-course – Those studying for a certificate or a diploma in anatomy and physiology (for revision or just for fun) can sign up here.For more information please get in touch with us at info@rosenmethod.co.uk