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Earth Spirit Intensive – Glastonbury on May 31st – June 7th. Our students have always said they particularly enjoy residential intensives, so why not come and join us in  for our Earth Spirit intensive and see what you think. Contact us at info@rosenmethod.co.uk or click here to book.

Often called the ‘love’ hormone that assists with feelings of connection, creativity and well being, the range of benefits associated with oxytocin continues to expand. Rosen students often notice the difference in themselves after giving sessions as well as receiving them. See Anais Salibans article in the Rosen Journal and “The Oxytocin factor” by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg here.

“Shut your eyes if you want to remember” - This was the headline in a great article a few weeks back. Researchers found that recall is enhanced when we close our eyes, and even more so if there is rapport with the researcher. In RMB we notice clients keep their eyes open and invite them to try noticing the difference when their eyes are shut. The study found that both things that have been seen and heard are remembered with greater depth and accurate when the person had their eyes closed.

Try our new pilot project during the Earth Spirit, Residential intensive – We are offering the opportunity to have a taste of Rosen Method at our next intensive at the end of the month. If you are unable to attend the week long intensive this option might be just right for you. Contact us for more information.