Rosen Sessions

Rosen Method practitioners are trained to notice restricted breath patterns, to identify chronic muscle tension and to enhance awareness through verbal communication. They are also trained to work with insights, memories and emotions that may arise in a non-judgmental manner. Muscle tension is often associated with the need to protect ourselves emotionally. For example we may recognise that we are becoming tense and stressed when we realise we are clenching our jaw, hands, or knee’s for no ‘apparent reason.’ Something in us may be unconsciously activating our fight/flight/freeze response.

Often we have developed patterns of tension and holding over time which continue to shape us long past the time of the original incident. Often we are still reacting to something that happened a long time ago, but which is almost locked into us unconsciously. Stale patterns of holding mean we may be reinforcing stress, unconsciously.

Rosen Method Bodywork excels at creating a safe environment for a client to relax both emotionally and physically.  Through a combination of attuned touch and verbal interaction clients may gradually come into a sense of deeper connection with themselves which includes allowing what has been ‘stuck’ to release.  When we no longer feel the need to unconsciously hold ourselves together so tightly reflected through muscle tension that hampers us rather than helps us; the energy that was used to keep the holding in place is instead released. Often people who feel exhausted have been carrying old worries around in them almost like wearing a heavy rucksack. As the worries are acknowledged, often this is all that is needed. The client often experiences more vitality, self-connection and a renewed sense of choice and purpose in life.

Receiving Rosen sessions brings greater awareness of what may be important in a client’s life. Rosen Method is a way of exploration for people who would like to connect more to their body’s inherent loving wisdom – to connect with more of their potential. Rosen Method helps to integrate the physical, emotional and some feel the spiritual within.

Attending a workshop or intensive enables a client to gain an overview of Rosen Method Bodywork (RMB) and how it works, and supports client who are already receiving private sessions.

Before a session
A practitioner will ask a prospective new client why they would like to experience Rosen sessions. They will also ask about important health issues and other relevant information before setting up an appointment. Practitioners will explain their availability and charges.

This is an opportunity for the client to ask any questions or raise any concerns that they may have.

During a session
A Rosen session lasts for about 50 minutes. The client lies on a massage table. Using their hands, the practitioner gently feels the muscular tensions of the body. This ‘listening touch’ and the dialogue between practitioner and client can lead to a deep relaxation in which chronic muscle tension may release and emotions may be experienced and processed.

Many clients are new to this kind of non-intrusive touch, where the aim is not to fix the client but to bring about ease and relaxation. The aim of the session is to establish contact and awareness.  There is more time for thoughts, feelings and sensations to be experienced fully – leading over time to a more integrated experience of the self and greater self-acceptance.

Sometimes clients laugh or cry,  experience memories or feelings, and sometimes they have a profound sense of connection with life. Sessions are as varied as the individuals who choose to experience them.