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  • ONLINE International Rosen Bodywork and Movement Introduction 10-11th April 2021


    Learn more about embodied self awareness in a relaxed and friendly workshop.

    • The importance of kindness and acceptance
    • The power of self touch – being both the receiver and giver
    • Balancing our nervous system and finding peace, rest and developing resilience
    • Transform from the person you think you are to who you truly are
    • Develop emotional intimacy with self and others for better relationships
  • International ONLINE Study Group for Practitioners and Interns in both Bodywork and Movement


    Continuing Education for Rosen Method Professionals

    Come and join our friendly group of practitioners and interns.

    Open to both Bodywork and Movement Practitioners, Teachers, and Supervisors.

    CPD Attendance Certificate available upon completion of the study group series.

  • Rosen Method Bodywork Continuing Education – Residential week at Nab Cottage, Lake District 13-20th June 2021


    Residential workshop for Rosen Method Bodywork Interns and Practitioners in the midst of the Lake District, an area of outstanding beauty.

    Topic for the Week: The Unfolding Stages of a Rosen Method Bodywork Session

    We are excited to announce our forthcoming residential continuing education week taught by Mary Kay Wright, Senior Rosen Method Teacher and Teachers from the UK School.

    We will look at each section of a Rosen Method Bodywork session in close detail, both by practice and theory, assisting the participants to deepen their understanding, knowledge and practical hands-on work with clients. 

    ‘The Stages of Unfolding’

    There are different components to the Rosen Method Bodywork experience, both for the practitioner and the client.  We will be discussing all stages and levels of a session, including:

    • how safe contact is made and sustained;
    • how to engage verbally and discern through focused listening when clues and indications emerge that can be explored for content, understanding, and deepening;
    • how to observe what is happening in the client’s process as muscles respond to Rosen touch and begin to ease;
    • how does the practitioner skilfully track an opening that may follow changes in the movement of the breath;
    • how to provide a steady container for the session as memories, thoughts, images, feelings, pain, or emotions rise closer to the client’s awareness;
    • how to take in what a client is sharing and then respond through your understanding;
    • how to facilitate the client’s capacity to allow challenging material or experiences to move through, to feel and re-experience his or her own truth;
    • how to maintain presence throughout the session, which helps the client trust what is happening;
    • how to support the client’s process without intervening to soothe, assuage, comfort, fix, or diminish what is happening but to convey (often silently) a sense of trusting the client’s capacity to handle the experience;
    • how to articulate the essence or core of what has been revealed or felt;
    • how to bring closure to a session so it does not interrupt the internal intimacy a client may be experiencing within.

    The workshop will include group supervisions, partner work, and teaching demonstrations as well as discussion about the flow of Rosen Method Bodywork sessions.  The intention is to support greater levels of subtle capacity, skill, and understanding about the work you are doing, to become more conscious of the many nuances involved in Rosen Method while working with the past and current life experiences of your clients.

  • Early-Bird Offer

    ONLINE Continuing Education ‘The Emotions’ 19-20-21 March 2021

    £175.00 £125.00

    The workshop will explore some aspects of these topics:

    • Emotions as self expression
    • Emotions as carriers of value and meaning
    • Difficult and Happy Emotions
    • Emotions and Language
    • Emotions and Healing



  • Rosen Method Residential Intensive, Earth-Spirit, Aug 6-13th 2021


    The Intensive will offer participants the practical and theoretical aspects of Rosen Method Bodywork. There will be practicum, sharing, touch and inner exploration exercises, demonstrations, questions, and much more…

    Open to participants that have completed an introduction to Rosen Method or by Personal Interview. Limited spaces. 

  • INTERNATIONAL ONLINE Rosen Method Self Development Study Group for Students

  • ONLINE Rosen Movement Class with Theresa Garcia


    Theresa Garcia, Senior Rosen Method Movement Training Teacher, United States 

    Come and move with us, with gentleness and presence. Open up to your natural movements, build awareness of inner feeling states and enjoy the experience of what a Rosen Method Movement Class work-in may do to help soften barriers to living and natural expression.

    Marion Rosen, the founder of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement first created Rosen Movement as a response to her clients asked her what they could do to keep fit and healthy. It is a practice on opening up one’s body mind to experience the joy of moving without effort, as well as helping to lubricate all the joints in the body and opening up for the breath and more aliveness.

  • Online Rosen Method Bodywork Course – February 2021


    COURSE SOLD OUT (09/02/21) Email us if you wish to join our waiting list.

    This online course will concentrate on aspect of learning that we can do during the pandemic which is practicing parts such as deep listening, exploring inner practices/awareness, self touch, some anatomy and body reading, expression, how to use words in Rosen Method etc.. There will also be Rosen Movement Classes as part of the course.

  • Rosen Method Movement Intensive, April 2021, Online Course


    Rosen Movements can touch and move you very deeply, as
    deep muscle groups are reached in a gentle way – they bring
    you in touch with your true feelings. In the intensive we will
    discover our bodies in a new way, opening ourselves for deep
    self-awareness and new possibilities to use our movement
    potential in our lives.

    Learn about ease in the body through Rosen Movements:
    • The simplicity of the movements (no need to think, just let
    the inspiration of the moment guide you and follow the
    rhythm of the music)
    • The absence of strain, effort and competition (one can move
    in a relaxed way and feel at ease)
    • The fun and joy in connection with the music and the group