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  • Early-Bird Offer

    5-6th March 2022 Online Introductory Workshop

    £180.00 £120.00

    Learn more about embodied self awareness in a relaxed and friendly workshop.

    • The importance of kindness and acceptance
    • The power of self touch – being both the receiver and giver
    • Balancing our nervous system and finding peace, rest and developing resilience
    • Transform from the person you think you are to who you truly are
    • Develop emotional intimacy with self and others for better relationships
    • Understand the importance of safety and boundaries
  • 5-6th February Online Workshop ‘Self Care’


    Self care encompasses so many aspects of who we are and involves deep listening to our needs, desires, longing and hearts.

    We will explore this important topic by experiential individual and pair exercises, sharing and movements.

    What will we be doing
    Engaging, exploring, trying out, feeling, sensing, listening, responding…opening

    We will be exploring different ways of connecting and attuning, noticing what engages us so that we feel more presence, greater ease, and that expanded sense of wonder as we experience what we have within us in our hands and at our finger tips.

    Bring some art materials, a yoga mat, comfy clothes and we will send you more details when you register.

    Facilitators – Ingrid Maria Nordgren and Annabelle Apsion – Senior Rosen Method Bodywork Teachers, with Karen Vinding and Carol Cober.

    Cost £120 


  • EarthSpirit Camping 1-8th July 2022

  • Rosen Method Residential Intensive, Earth-Spirit, July 1-8th 2022


    The Intensive will offer participants the practical and theoretical aspects of Rosen Method Bodywork. There will be practicum, sharing, touch and inner exploration exercises, demonstrations, questions, and much more…

    Open to participants that have completed an introduction to Rosen Method or by Personal Interview. Limited spaces. 

    Arrivals from 6pm Friday 1st July, Departure 3pm  Friday 7th August.