Rosen and Creativity

The physical and psychological tension that we carry tends to cut us off from our natural creativity.  With Rosen Method, people find that as they let go of tension, they become more ‘alive’, experiencing more energy and inspiration.

Physical tensions are literally the embodied experiences of stuck emotional attitudes and rigid mental thinking. Rosen’s unique way of touching people – meeting them exactly where they are physically and emotionally in a space of non-judgment – enables them to let go of striving to be other than who they are – and to find out who they really are underneath the tension and the masks they wear.  Barriers come down opening up a new space for authentic self-expression. As a result, many Rosen clients experience profound personal and professional life changes:

  • Developing new careers which give them greater satisfaction
  • Entering new, fulfilling relationships, or opening to deeper connection and passion in existing relationships
  • Discovering new styles in their work as artists and designers
  • Finding more self confidence and greater artistic freedom as actors, dancers and performance artists
  • Releasing blocks as writers, instead opening to flow and creative inspiration

Even people who have not thought of themselves as artistic in any way suddenly discover enjoyment through the arts and develop a new appreciation of the creative pleasures in everyday life.

Although Rosen Method is a skill-based craft, it is often thought of as an art, which is why it appeals to all kinds of creatives, who are exploring, through artistic endeavour, what it is to be human. Actors, who study physical and verbal characteristics and who use their imagination and empathy to understand the characters they play, find learning about the impact of feelings and tension on the body fascinating and enlivening.

Musicians, artists and dancers, find that Rosen’s curiosity about what makes us who we are, opens up new avenues of exploration to understand and express feelings and experiences in their art.