Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The mind-body connection is at the forefront of current research into dynamics of health and illness, and Rosen Method’s practical insights and experiential ways of working with the ‘mind in the body’ provide a very tangible and stimulating opportunity for professional development for all kinds of practitioners.

Professionals working with physical health can learn about the enormous impact of feelings on the body, while those who work with clients psychologically can gain experiential understanding of how the psyche is held in the body.  Previously, the relevance of our body to our emotional life was not included in psychotherapy trainings, but it has now become of interest to many ‘talking therapies’.

Attending a Rosen Method introductory workshop or six-day intensive takes practitioners deeper into what it is to be human, how the barriers we put up to authentic self-expression affect us physically and emotionally, and how we, as practitioners, can help our clients and patients access the inner resources to become healthier in all ways.

Skills and knowledge that can be learned on a Rosen weekend or intensive include:

  • A different approach to help people beyond patterns of ‘stuckness’, limitation and frozen movement or energy
  • How our stories and unprocessed trauma live on in the body
  • How tension and restricted breath impact our emotional life
  • How the unconscious can be accessed through Rosen touch, offering the possibility of deep and lasting transformation
  • The subtle use of language and dialogue to encourage authentic self-connection and expression
  • Developing ‘presence’ as a practitioner and how this deeply impacts what happens in a session with clients/patients
  • The refinement of observational and listening skills

See also the Training page for more information on the content of courses.

Intensives or introductory workshops are suitable for a wide range of people already established in their professions – psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, physiotherapists, Pilates and yoga instructors, chiropractors, doctors, social workers, osteopaths, massage and bodywork practitioners, nurses, healers – in fact, anyone who works with physical and emotional well-being.

Rosen Method six-day intensives, in particular, are a great opportunity for students not only to enhace their professional skills, but also to increase their awareness and understanding of their own bodies and body-mind processes. What they learn, and the letting-go and relaxation they experience, often has a positive effect in their own personal lives afterwards.

An attendance certificate is issued for CPD hours on request.