Rosen and Personal Development

Human beings develop with age and through experience. Attending a Rosen Method intensive is an opportunity to accelerate the learning experience and the development of the self.

“I discovered the amazing power of simple touch and true listening, and delighted in the way people became more alive, more open to themselves, and how they warmed to each other in the climate of acceptance and security that was created by the tutors” ‘Anonymous’

Reactive patterns or outdated attitudes often form barriers in our bodies, and we live as if we are the sum of those patterns – often not aware of the breadth and depth of who we really are.

Attending intensives can assist people in accumulating the experience of themselves in a safe and supportive environment. This is achieved through touch, expression and connection – often enabling more ease, enjoyment and confidence. Normal life cannot usually offer this kind of integrated and accelerated growth in such a short space of time. Past participants have said that their experiences on intensives have often been deeply healing. The integration between body, mind and the feelings occurs effortlessly when there is a letting-go.

Learning experientially facilitates the process of being in the body and trusting ones senses and feelings. Participants learn to become more attuned and aware of what is going on in their bodies (feelings, emotions etc) at the same time as they learn to communicate it.


Individuals attending intensives are encouraged to listen to themselves to find out what they need in order to feel ‘safe’, or when they have had enough not to override their own capabilities. Many people may not know what it is like to feel safe in their bodies. The Rosen Touch enables a person to start to feel this; if the person feels safe, the body can open, release and re-balance itself.


Learning experientially what are one’s own physical and personal boundaries (and those of others) is an essential corner-stone of teaching in Rosen Method. Participants learn to communicate and ‘live’ their life more skilfully by paying attention to these important markers.

The Emotions

Some individuals are so emotionally charged they cannot rest in themselves nor sense their more subtle feelings. Crying when feeling angry could once have been a learnt safe alternative that has become overused and ineffectual for the situation at hand. Others may be angry at the smallest slight, and cannot go underneath to feel that they are in fact sad or disappointed, or scared of rejection. Learning to be with one’s emotions when they occur, or to be able to connect to the buried emotions of others, is part of what attending intensives can offer.

“This is exquisitely beautiful, deeply grounded work. A modicum of courage is richly rewarded, as if the soul were saying ‘thank you for opening up to me at last’. Utterly inspiring and truly life-changing” – Grace


Many people do not know what they feel; they have become disconnected from their own immediate experience – living life has become difficult; contact with their internal compass is no longer there. Rosen Method offers a safe way of opening up and re-connecting, not only to the self but to others too.

Receiving the kind of non-sexual touch offered in RMB can assist individuals in their journey to become who they are (and not who they think they are). It is often said that some people have ‘craved’ for the kind of touch Rosen Method offers; gentle, inclusive, inviting, exploratory, firm, supportive, inquisitive…

Growth and spirituality

Rosen Method allows individuals to relax into themselves and to experience their truth, giving a new possibility of choice in their lives.  As a result, many report increased self-confidence and vitality, and say that they are able to re-set their priorities and make positive changes.

Sometimes people access spiritual qualities like forgiveness and acceptance, even surrendering deeply into experiences of love and unity where they feel connected to something much bigger than themselves.