Marion Rosen

Rosen Method Bodywork is an original form of somatic approach which addresses physical tension. Its unique form of sensitive touch and verbal communication helps people to become aware of what they are holding – physically and emotionally – in their body. When the body is allowed to reveal its truth in a space of non-judgement, it can relax and let go of stress and pain. Rosen Method helps individuals to soften the barriers in their life so that they can live more fully, and the natural feelings of “embodied being” can become a source of joy.

“It’s a language I have known since my first breath – and it’s a language all human beings know. A language we can trust and count on” – Valerie Luoto, Rosen Method teacher and practitioner

It has long been recognised that  touch can have a powerful effect on the body.When we are relaxed through touch our natural healing mechanisms work more effectively; the immune system is strengthened and the breath becomes less inhibited and more efficient. Certain touch encourages the release of the hormone oxytocin, increasingly recognised as an important agent in promoting feelings of well-being and connection.

See the excellent two-part article under Rosen and Science: ‘Rosen Method Bodywork: Practice and Science’ by Alan Fogel, a professor of psychology at the University of Utah. It explains very clearly what Rosen Method is, what it does, and who it is suitable for.

Marion Rosen

How does Rosen help?

Some of the benefits of Rosen include:

• Release of physical tension and pain;
• Reduction of stress and chronically suppressed emotion – leading to improved immune functioning and other health benefits;
• Personal growth: reconnection to inner resources and opening to one’s full potential;
• Greater self-care and nurturing;
• Positive life change through increased self-confidence and strengthened sense of purpose;
• Improved interpersonal relationships;
• Spiritual connection and opening.

Who is Rosen for?

Rosen sessions are for anyone interested in exploring how the body and the psyche work together – whether for health and well-being, personal and professional development, or for professional training. The aim is to help people to experience their full physical and emotional potential through increased awareness and relaxation.

How can I experience Rosen?

• Individual sessions: to find a practitioner, go to the page “UK & International”;
• Introductory weekend workshops – see the Events & Workshops page for next workshops;
• Rosen intensives – these week-long gatherings offer a particularly powerful way to experience Rosen – whether for personal healing and growth, or for training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – see the Training pages for more information.

The Origins

Marion Rosen (formerly Rosenfeld) was born in 1914 in Germany and was of Jewish origin, (although she was unaware of this until the persecution of the Jews began). Trained by Lucy Heyer (a student of Elsa Grindler) in massage and breath-work, Marion worked on clients who also received psychotherapy from Lucy’s husband Carl Gustav Heyer. Heyer was a Jungian psychoanalyst and a former student and colleague of C.G. Jung. Marion soon noticed that the treatment time for patients was greatly reduced by this combination of bodywork and psychotherapeutic intervention.

Having escaped from Germany, Marion took further training both in Sweden and in the United States as a physical therapist (physiotherapist). She also spent six months working with clients from the Tavistock Clinic in London while her brother (the late psychoanalyst Herbert Rosenfeld) completed his psychiatric residency there.

Rosen Method Bodywork grew out of Marion’s personal observations of working with clients as a physiotherapist. She discovered through her touch and dialogue that clients relaxed and felt safe enough to share feelings and memories which they had forgotten or had previously had to suppress. Getting in contact with these suppressed aspects of themselves often signalled a way to accelerated recovery.

Her work subsequently changed to focus on healthy people (people who did not come to her to be fixed but who were curious about her method and wanted more out of life). She started to teach her work to others in the 1970s, and Rosen Method is now taught worldwide. Training centres can be found as far apart as the United States, Scandinavia, Russia and Australia.

“In Rosen Method Bodywork we touch people. It is a special touch that makes contact with the body. We also say we have inquiring hands that locate tensions in the body and areas that are not moved by breath” – Marion Rosen

Marion started her movement classes in 1956, in the sitting room of a student, after having put some special exercises to music. The idea was to make her clients move their muscles fully and freely and to lubricate their joints once a week.Until the day she died in 2012, aged 98, Marion was actively involved in teaching and guiding students in the USA and abroad, continually fascinated by the mystery of the mind-body relationship.