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14 September 2024 One day Rosen Method introductory workshop, North London


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The Workshop

When we dare to express what we have not allowed ourselves to feel, when we express the truth, healing occurs.”   Marion Rosen

This one day Non-Residential Workshop in North London will introduce and explore how the emotions, memories and experiences of our lives can be seen and felt in our  bodies; in our muscle tension, breath, and posture.

(Please note if you require accommodation you can write to us for suggestions).

By contacting muscle tension and observing the breath we can become aware of why we have learnt to hold ourselves in a certain way in response to life, stress and possibly even trauma. Many of us have got so used to our physical restrictions caused by on-going stress or past trauma’s, that we have forgotten what it feels like to be at full ease within our own body. Unnecessary muscular and emotional tension impacts our potential, our self expression and self connection, and our capacity to live a full and satisfying life.

The gentle touch, sensitive words and supportive presence of Rosen Method can help you to feel into and then let go of unconscious barriers to life as Marion Rosen called this type of limiting tension.  As muscle tension releases and emotions are allowed and processed,  you have more space within,  your inner state changes, and you can enjoy more energy as you can reconnect with your natural vitality, ease and joy.


This workshop is also suitable for people who already work therapeutically whether in massage and bodywork, or with psychotherapy and counselling.

The workshop will introduce and explore:

  • The way our mind, body and ‘heart’ offer us  intelligence and inspiration
  • Cultivate  the ability to listen more deeply to your own truth beneath the surface of our daily busyness,  both with and without self touch
  • Learn how to communicate with touch to offer a unique way to others of experiencing more of our human potential for growth, ‘healing’  and expression 
  • Explore what tight muscles might be telling you
  • Learn how to trust the body 
  • Experience  the difference  your authentic voice can make to communication 
  • Feel the way the breath expresses our unconscious inner state
  • Create a tangible sense of trust with others
  • Become aware of how unconscious limitations/tensions once recognised can become an avenue to new energy, awareness and sense of freedom
  • Explore how the combination of attuned touch and words can combine to bring fresh self knowledge that  stimulates new responses to life.

This experiential day will include demonstrations, practice in pairs, sharing and time for questions and enquiry.

It is for people who would like to connect with themselves and others at a deeper level, for those who would like to rediscover their emotional range and joy of life, and for those who want to understand and explore the mind-body-heart relationship for greater whole person well-being.

The course is for you if you are new to Rosen, or if you have already experienced it and would like to stay in touch with the work.

Hours: 9.30 – 4.30pm 

Teacher: Jane Spilsbury and Assistants